Success for TEC in Queensland at the 2018 Conference & Awards

I am delighted to be part of the success story of TEC in Queensland and am pleased to share that I received a Gold Award for my group, TEC 35, and New Group Start Award for my group, KEY 125, at the recent TEC Australia Chair Conference and Awards.

It was a wonderful night that showed the Brisbane TEC groups are thriving with many awards for Queensland Chairs.

I am particularly proud of my KEY group that has come together from our inaugural goal setting meeting in February to be 17 strong by July. As all the members will tell you, the support challenge and fun of the group is fantastic. It always helps to have two or three truly game changing businesses in the group and we sure do have some great ones.

I would like to acknowledge our hosts so far; Dean Graham of EPIC Assist, Leanne Pearson of Rinstrum, Tobias Sonnenburg of Tritium, Gavin Dickinson of Computer One, Gerhard Fourie of your Solutions Compounding Pharmacy and Nick Siddle of Galvin Engineering. Thank you for welcoming your group members into your space and for your hospitality!

One of the amazing things about TEC is the opportunity to listen to some fabulous speakers. This year my groups have been lucky enough to experience sessions with; Debbie Richardson, Duncan Fish, Greg Donlan, Peter Berry, Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Sue Holz, Tracey Hooper and Maree Nolan, Nick Setchell and Matt Tice. Thank you all for taking the time to share your insight and wisdom with us – we’re a lucky bunch.

If you would like to learn more about TEC, please click here and send me a message.