Joined-Up empowers organisational leadership and we expect clients to take ownership of outcomes. By doing this, we ensure clients have the best chance of sustaining the changes they need to make and build their own capability for this to happen. 

Our approach is inspired by the Kokorazashi character in creating an alignment of vision and action. It blends four delivery methods into a defined program with clear outcomes. The delivery approaches are explained in detail below. 

Joined Up Strategy.jpg

Strategy formation and deployment require significantly different approaches.

The Joined-Up model captures the essence of strategic direction. It is a big picture, free from operational details, simple in nature and meaningful in intent. Strategic direction addresses the external forces and looks long term. 

A strategic plan then builds a short to medium term plan based on the strategic direction. This plan is realistic but remains high level, avoiding detail that should be developed further down the organisation. 

Aligning the Board and Executive team comes down to creating a Joined-Up focus on the conversation. Are you discussing the right things? It means rebalancing the focus of a board from simple compliance to adding value to the organisation. 

This includes focussing on the words 'Chief Executive Officer' and the role of the Board and Executive and the breaking down of silos to creative productivity through the alignment of shared goals and common processes.  

This is all centred around developing your leadership community. 

Defining an execution or strategy deployment process occurs by developing a rigorous approach to key performance and behaviours, underpinned by strong accountability. Leadership work to create an ownership culture and transparency through the use of Visual Management. 

This creates conversation for action so change occurs at all levels of the organisation. 

To support the organisation leaders, ongoing support is provided to two key groups; coaching and mentoring (one on one) for CEOs and Senior Executives and coaching for Board Chairs or Owners with professional CEOs reporting to them.