the Executive Connection (TEC) 

Jon is a TEC Chair having spent over 5,000 hours in conducting one-on-one mentoring with Queensland based CEO's over the last ten years. He manages three groups comprising of 14-18 people in each. These groups meet monthly sharing real-life issues and create an environment for peer mentoring. 

The group absorbs and distils the essence of current challenges for business leaders in real time, tracking changes in markets, regulations, technology, global trends and their respective impacts on business. 

Jon asks the right questions, provokes though and inspires solution based thinking in his role as a TEC Chair. 



TEC has been helping to increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of business leaders in Australia for 30 years. As part of Vistage, members are part of the largest CEO peer group organisation in the world and connect with over 21,000 other business leaders. 

The TEC model is a group of between 12 and 18 independent business leaders from as diverse a background as possible. The safest environment possible, members openly share their greatest challenges and opportunities in terms of leadership, personal growth and decision making. 

When members join, they stay with an average membership tenure of over five years. It is a significant commitment but has proven to be a life changing experience - especially when it's lonely at the top. 

Jon usually has two to three vacancies per year for each of his groups. he always welcomes an informal discussion with CEOs who can bring a different perspective and wish to remain stimulated.