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The Senior Executive as a Performer with Peter Fisher

  • Quartile One 444 Queen Street Brisbane Australia (map)

You are invited to join members of The Executive Connection for their next speaker session, led by Peter Fisher on The Senior Executive as a Performer.


Peter Fisher is a 1975 graduate of architecture at Sydney University. Like all good architects, he pursued an acting career, which spanned nearly 20 years, with extensive experience in theatre, film and television. In 1991, yearning for change, he found himself in the world of corporate communication consultancies.

In 1995, aware of the need for a more imaginative and vigorous approach to corporate training and development, Peter created his own company, Act One!, specialising in interactive theatre-based learning processes. His programme design and facilitation has evolved over the years, bringing to life a practical understanding and application of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

He has developed a unique style of facilitation and programme design, drawing on the fundamental methodologies of the theatre, which focus on behavioural issues related to communication, customer service, teamwork and collaboration, innovation and leadership development. His workshops impact on a personal level as well as on a business one.

Peter has quickly earned a reputation as an energetic facilitator of innovative, interactive workshops, leadership programme sessions, conference events and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Peter has worked with people from all levels of industry - call centre operators, senior executives, factory workers, middle managers, team leaders, Board Members and CEOs.


THE TOPIC, The Senior Executive as a Performer

We overestimate the importance and effectiveness of rational or logical argumentation and we underestimate the importance of the way we communicate the situation, context and emotions surrounding the communication attempt.

This workshop series is designed to provide an opportunity for participants, to create a more influential performance style when communicating internally or pitching to customers, particularly presentations, one-on-one or at meetings. 

It can address the needs of participants to deliver highly technical information in a more confident, creative and engaging way.

A series of practical exercises are introduced dealing with:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of engaging an audience

  • Confidence in impromptu speaking, "thinking on your feet"

  • Presence when communicating, expressing appropriate emotion

  • Use of storytelling and metaphor to engage hearts and minds of audienc

  • An understanding that influence is behavioural not just verbal. That Credibility, Trust.

  • Likeability are the key drivers of influence

  • Personalising the corporate message

  • Developing a personal style, not mimicking others

  • Self-awareness when presenting to group

  • Understanding the impact of non-verbals in communication

  • The ability to utilise stance to centre performance and to manage emotions in self and others.


TEC members are high-integrity business leaders from a diverse range of industries who meet monthly to support each other and address the challenges of leading in these increasingly uncertain times.

The speaker session is the first part of a monthly all-day meeting and is usually attended by between 14 and 16 people. Today, thanks to the hospitality of Grant Thornton we are doubling up! During the afternoon, the TEC members continue with their Executive Session. Our speakers are subject experts focused on stimulating active discussion with the group.



Attendance at TEC meetings is for business leaders only and by invitation and subject to space availability, for this event we welcome Guests who are CEOs or Business Leaders. Please click here and register your interest