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Who stole my Mojo? with Gary Bertwhistle

You are invited to join members of The Executive Connection for their October Retreat, led by Gary Bertwhistle on Who Stole My Mojo? Based on Gary's bestselling book.


The Topic, Who Stole My Mojo?

Many brands, many people and many leaders are cruising, are too comfortable and have lost their MOJO.

'Who Stole My MOJO?' is based on Gary’s bestselling book and helps leaders and companies to unlock their MOJO.

If you have it, how do you keep it? If you feel like you have lost it, how do you get it back? Based on many of Gary’s own personal learnings through the Tour de Cure and his speaking career, this session will challenge your plans, your attitude and your leadership style to ensure you have that 'zip' back in your world. If you need a shake-up or a refresher to get back on track, this session is perfect.

Our Speaker, Gary Bertwhistle 

As a thought leader in innovation and creativity, Gary has helped companies, teams and individuals in companies of all sizes, in all industries and categories, to look at how they currently do things and address what needs to change in order for them to think differently and maximise their potential. He is often called upon when companies or individuals lose their mojo.

Through easy to understand, fun, interactive sessions, he presents to a wide variety of clients in the areas of creative thinking, mojo, marketing, strategic facilitation, and innovation to improve performance and help individuals be their best. He has built his reputation helping companies and leaders unlock great ideas.


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