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The Aikido of Influence with Duncan Fish

  • Host: Matt Bromwich, Intellidesign 99 Bluestone Circuit Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD, 4073 Australia (map)

You are invited to join members of The Executive Connection for their next speaker session, led by Duncan Fish on The Aikido of Influence.

The Aikido of Influence

Being influential is more than just having positional or expert power. It is being able to take people on a journey that they want to be on. Whilst we will always need to assert our own values and beliefs on the organisation, many leaders fail to capitalise on the wealth of talent in front of them. So how does a Business Leader bring people on a journey whilst minimising resistance and maximising engagement?  The answer is not telling people to ‘just do it’.

Duncan Fish observes that when some leaders become successful, they stop asking questions and start to assert their will upon an organisation. Having assessed and coached leaders in such organisations as Munich Re, Ramsay Health, SAI Global and the Department of Defence, Duncan emphasises that leadership is more than just business acumen and technical knowledge. It is being able to engage both hearts and minds. There is alternative to asserting yourself. It is the art of leading someone to an outcome by purely asking questions. Questions can be more powerful than statements as the unconscious mind cannot ignore them.

In this workshop we will be understand the power of questions to uncover, understand and influence others…. whilst removing resistance.


  • Learn how to truly investigate someone’s thinking

  • Refine your ability to maximise open questions

  • Learn the physiology of indirect influence

  • Be able to uncover the drivers of people’s resistance

  • Learn how to manage resistance and gain agreement

  • Be able to get agreements which turn into outcomes.

Duncan Fish is a published author, UK Registered Business Psychologist, Certified NLP Trainer and public speaker with 20 years’ experience of helping executives to develop their soft skills of leadership. Having been a Principal Consultant at one of the world’s leading advisory firms, Duncan started his own boutique executive development company, The Engaging Executive, in 2016.

Duncan says, "I have coached over 1000 executives who are brilliant technically but struggle with interpersonal skills. As a result, they often miss out on promotions, only to see less technically proficient peers progress. They fail to develop key relationships and subsequently they miss out on being part of those special 'behind closed door' conversations where the real decisions are made. And they struggle to connect with and influence people who do not think the same way as them."

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