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Implementing Business Excellence for Maximum Returns with Mark Rehn

TEC members are executives and business owners from a diverse range of industries who meet monthly to support each other and address the challenges of leading in these increasingly uncertain times.

The speaker session is the first part of a monthly all-day meeting and is attended by between 14 and 16 people. During the afternoon, the TEC members continue with their Executive Session. Our speakers are subject experts focused on stimulating active discussion with the group.



Over the past 37 years Mark Rehn has worked with more than 1,000 SME / SMB clients helping them implement what the world now refers to as “Business Excellence” techniques.

For two decades he has been a regular guest speaker on how best to implement Business Excellence at the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education, with the international network of CEOs known as The Executive Connection (TEC) and more recently with the Leadership Thinktank and The CEO Institute.

Mark has been awarded TEC’s Speaker of the Year several times and has won the Mick Robertson Award for delivering the most value to participating businesses.

In spite of his personal successes as a high profile speaker and consultant, Mark remains frustrated over the inability of the global management consulting profession to help SME clients reap the benefits of business excellence at reasonable cost.

He envisages a world where the CEO has an entire business system that just works, with strategic plans being delivered in full and improving business performance being tracked visually every month against the right key performance indicators. And continuous process improvements in the business yielding massive net savings.

Mark enjoys seeing his clients apply his proven techniques and achieving results far in excess of their expectations.

His entire consulting methodology has been implemented in great detail and made it available as My Business Excellence – a commercial, on-line platform with the lowest possible subscription cost.

Mark’s vision is to effect a substantial increase in the current poor 1% or so of SMEs reaping the immense net benefits of these exciting, proven techniques.


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