Lean Thinking is a holistic systems approach to an organisation and is a core principle of Joined-Up. Jon Lindsay pioneered Lean in the specialist United Kingdom Insurance Industry in the 2000s and is a Managing Consultant for SA Partners in Queensland. 

Jon's primary focus in Lean is on the leadership aspects and the cultural changes associated with driving business improvement. Jon and his colleagues at SA Partners enable organisations to design and implement their own business improvement initiatives with a focus on customer value - not just cost cutting.

The 'Lean' term has been around since 1990 and since then variants of Lean have evolved including Agile, Systems Thinking and Enterprise Excellence. It is important to note that many business improvement initiatives have paid lip service to Lean but are just cost cutting programs. True Lean initiatives engage with employees and are driven completely by the concept of customer value. If you apply a Lean approach, you can only define value from the perspective of the customer or client. 


Who are SA Partners?

SA Partners is Europe's longest established Lean Consultancy with offices around the world. Founded by Peter Hines, SA Partners deliver leading research and best practice through a small number of highly experienced specialist consultants. The focus is in knowledge transfer, training, coaching and mentoring allowing clients to build a sustainable capability for ongoing improvement.