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Transforming Sales & Business Development Capability and Performance with Tony McGinn

You are invited to join members of The Executive Connection for their next speaker session, led by Tony McGinn on transforming sales and business development capability and performance.

The Topic, Transforming Sales & Business Development Capability and Performance

This workshop is designed to help business leaders understand why there are age-old problems with Sales & BD accountability and productivity, and what they can do to fix it. Providing members with the insights, tools, strategy, and most importantly the systems to transform their sales & BD resources for consistent growth performance aligned to their ambition.

This interactive workshop covers:

  • Self-Assessment group discussion (8-minute pre-meeting online questionnaire here)

  • Understanding the big picture

  • The New Approach

  • Understanding what you are working with:

  • Mindset

  • Actions

  • Skillset

Our Speaker, Tony McGinn

For over 33 years, founder Tony McGinn has taken the world of media sales head on. His relentless attitude to commercial success has established an award-winning reputation as one of Australia’s most influential and progressive media sales professionals. From TV and radio to digital, his panache to observe, transform and empower enduring legacies is only matched by his passion for elevating others to higher grounds.

It starts with openness and an understanding that to change, you sometimes have to be the change. At The McGinn Partnership, true leadership comes from a deep-rooted belief that change makes everything possible. It is a voice of reasoned, future thinking and the lifeblood of success. Change is beautiful. Change is powerful. It allows us to learn and grow.

To raise standards. To raise the standards of everyone.


Attendance at TEC meetings is for business leaders only and by invitation and subject to space availability , for this event we welcome Guests who are CEOs or Business Leaders. Please click here and register your interest