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The Psychology of Persuasion with Philip Hesketh

You are invited to join members of the Executive Connection for our next speaker session, led by Philip Hesketh on The Psychology of Persuasion.

TEC and KEY members are executives and business owners from a diverse range of industries who meet monthly to support each other and address the challenges of leading in these increasingly uncertain times.

The speaker session is the first part of a monthly all-day meeting and is attended by between 14 and 16 people. During the afternoon, the KEY members continue with their Executive Session. Our speakers are subject experts focused on stimulating active discussion with the group.

The Topic

In this engaging and interactive session Philip shares with members the seven psychological 'REASONS' for why your customers and clients buy your products, services and ideas. He takes you through the persuasion process and explains not only the five keys to persuasion, but also how memory works, how emotional negotiation works and gives members thought-provoking and 'can-use-tomorrow' tips that guarantee you will save money and make money as a result of this session.

What you will learn:

  • The seven psychological reasons why people buy your product or service and what to do to improve the way you promote your company

  • How relationships are developed and how to turn those relationships into profitable partnerships

  • The five keys to persuasion

  • The ‘Top Ten Killer Questions’ to help you develop your relationships.

  • A highly interactive session where each member is given the opportunity to develop the tools to become more persuasive, promote their business better and make more money. Philip speaks in a style that has been described as both 'enlightening and entertaining'.

The Speaker

Philip Hesketh is one of the world’s most renowned speakers and is a Psychology graduate from Newcastle University and a Sales graduate from Procter & Gamble. In 1986 he became a founding director of Advertising Principles in Leeds in the UK. He developed the company over the next 17 years as New Business Director and Managing Partner seeing the company grow from a standing start to a £48 million company employing over 150 people.

Having spent his entire working life studying and practicing influence and persuasion he is now a full-time business speaker on 'The Rules for Discounting', 'How to Hold High Prices' and 'The Psychology of Persuasion'. His book 'Life's A Game So Fix the Odds' is a number one Amazon bestseller. He has been working with TEC since 2004.

Philip is a UK-based speaker who visits Australia each February/March and his sessions sell out quickly.

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