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Career Conversations with Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts

You are invited to join members of The Executive Connection for their next speaker session, led by Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts on career conversations.


Career development is often raised as a critical issue for the engagement and retention of staff. Most organisations want a workforce that is proactive and makes the most of promotion and development opportunities. Such organisations have leaders who have the skills to hold effective career conversations with their staff. This sounds simple, but it is so often poorly done, or not done at all.

When designed correctly, career conversations should promote insight and awareness into oneself and allow the exploration of future possibilities and opportunities. In prompting these activities, organisations are likely to benefit from inspired responses that drive employee behaviour.

The half-day workshop consists of interactive content and activities that explore the following topics:

  •  The business case for developing the careers of your employees

  •  How careers have changed and the key skills needed for a successful career

  •  How to recognise a career conversation and when and where to have one

  •  How to have an effective conversation about career related issues

  •  Practical coaching skills development


Edwin’s working life is devoted to understanding the critical intersection between individuals and their work. This deep immersion in research and practice has centred on how the world of work is evolving in response to changes in society, technology and organisations.

His has worked in the UK and Canada and is a sought after facilitator and keynote speaker. He is a regular writer on career issues and has co-authored several articles and book chapters on careers, culture and leadership.

Edwin holds a PhD from The University of Queensland’s Business School. He is a regular writer on career issues and has co-authored several articles and book chapters on careers, culture, and leadership. As CEO of the career management firm Trevor-Roberts, Edwin also has significant experience guiding organisations of all sizes through transformational change driven by industry reform and disruption.

Edwin is an Adjunct Fellow of Griffith University and has experience guiding leaders and organisations of all sizes through transformational change.

Edwin recently completed a TED talk on "Reframing work - the other four letter word" at TEDxUQ.


Attendance at TEC meetings is for business leaders only and by invitation and subject to space availability , for this event we welcome Guests who are CEOs or Business Leaders. Please click here and register your interest