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Harnessing The Power of Your People: to deliver great service, productivity and profitability with Colin Chodos

  • Host Rob Fraser of BEC Feed Solutions Riverview Motel, 20 Riverview Terrace Hamilton, Queensland Australia (map)

You are invited to join members of The Executive Connection for their next speaker session, led by Colin Chodos on harnessing the power of your people.

THE TOPIC, Harnessing The Power of Your People: to deliver great service, productivity and profitability

The business model concepts are cutting edge and practical management initiatives supported by the widely acclaimed Service Profit Chain (SPC) model created by "Harvard's Heskett et al". This model is based on the principle that capable and satisfied employees have a direct bearing and impact on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and company profits. The SPC concepts have been successfully implemented by various organisations in the USA and Australia. It provides management a simple and effective methodology to create corporate awareness of service issues and their impact, and measurable strategies to achieve a customer centric culture.

Specially crafted for TEC groups, this workshop examines the key 'stepping stones' components, their influence as business drivers, alignment of management and employee views to business goals and objectives.

Example of likely topics to be addressed:

Employee Capability

  • Building a cycle of capability

  • Reviewing employee capability and ability

  • Investing in employee development and training

  • Hiring for attitude, training for skills

  • Creating an empowerment culture to deliver results.

Employee Satisfaction

  • The value of employee feedback / assessments

  • Practical strategies 'putting feedback to work'

  • A Manager's role in creating satisfied employees

  • Satisfaction - 'An effective tool for reducing employee turn over'.

Employee Loyalty

  • The difference between satisfaction vs loyalty

  • Why people leave their jobs - current trends

  • Reward and recognition - what really works?

  • Employee Productivity

  • Empowerment and productivity

  • Managing the stakeholders expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

  • The difference between customer satisfaction vs loyalty

  • Measuring emotional satisfaction

  • Moments of truth - awareness and influence.

Customer Loyalty

  • The effect and impact of employee satisfaction on customer loyalty and profits

  • Establishing employee awareness of the impact of customer loyalty

  • How a 5% increase in customer loyalty can return up to a 70% increase in profits

  • Lifetime values.


Colin is a Director of Corporate Connection Strategies, a specialist consulting company that assists organisations with Strategy, Change Management & People Development. He is actively involved at Board and Senior Executive level in facilitating and implementing change & strategic initiatives for organisations.

Colin’s experience is a result of successfully benchmarking organisational culture, leadership effectiveness and customer loyalty in order to provide his Clients with practical ‘hands on’ solutions to drive productivity and business profitability. He is Chair of 2 Advisory Boards – The Global Beauty Group and Premier Technologies

He has been a keynote speaker at the Telstra Business Awards and is regularly invited to lecture at CEO and executive forums internationally.

Colin lives in Sydney but frequently travels across Australia and NZ for business.


Attendance at TEC meetings is for business leaders only and by invitation and subject to space availability , for this event we welcome Guests who are CEOs or Business Leaders. Please click here and register your interest