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Business leaders are facing increasing challenges in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Even the most confident need help, especially in aligning and engaging their executive teams. It requires resilience and persistence to succeed and increasingly good leaders recognise they need support in their journey. Joined-Up is led by Jon Lindsay. 

Jon brings real world experience in providing that support. He has built on his wide industry experience as a business leader to act as a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives. He is a leading authority in “Joined-Up” Leadership and in his mentoring, facilitating and speaking he draws from many of the world’s foremost business thinkers to promote those ideas based on core principles, common sense and simple models. 

What Jon Does:

  • Runs CEO peer group meetings for TEC. Members, with a wide diversity of business models, continue to provide and resolve real world issues every month. Jon is always looking for members to complement his two groups.
  • Mentors business leaders on a regular basis, including TEC members, both business owners and corporate leaders.
  • Leads a range of workshops in the area of Lean Leadership. As a pioneer in the adoption of Lean in service businesses he continues to seek out and support business leaders of organisations committed to Enterprise Excellence. 
  • Facilitates strategy formation and implementation workshops. Engaging with an executive team to join up the strategic objectives to purpose and core values.
  • Speaks on several aspects of ”Joined Up” strategy providing audiences with simple tools to distil and communicate elements of business strategy. In particular this addresses the tensions most organisations experience between different stakeholders. While it works well with mid-sized businesses, this is also finding particular resonance in the Community Services sector with an increasing focus on outcomes and accountability.